Viviou dreams of children rooms that are similar to children; soft, rich in fantasy and poetry. Places where imagination is passed on and where the biggest dreams have their place.

With her endless creativity Viviou presents an original atmosphere. We walk in the tropics, on the ice floes…  Paintings, textiles, bathrobes, wall stickers… Everything to satisfy growing and dreamy little hearts.

Let’s meet Viviou

Viviou is a never-grown-up-adult, that wanna spend the whole day drawing. That’s how the story started, a few years ago. She started to draw hippopotamus and putted them on Facebook. Thanks to the positive return she got, a real and concrete project became to appear. What about creating children’s room? Yip, Viviou is born.

Now, hippopotamus have make some room for a few other friends.
All the products are designed and created in Belgium, and produced in Belgium or in the world, in factories that ensure us both quality and perfect ethical commitment.

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