You gonna love Viviou…

You believe as we do that a child needs a creative universe and enriching environnement to grow up.
You’ll find here a wide selection of decoration, lovely birth announcement cards, amazing gifts & crazy little stuffs. Everything you need to simply treat yourself, lighten his/her mini-world and be sure to please…


Viviou. lives and breathe illustrations. She loves creating her own universe. The result? An unheard of design approach, with a little something one can’t explain, that makes them different.


The birth of your little one is an outstanding event… So is his/her birth announcement supposed to be. You can find here a broad selection of beautiful announcements , or you can ask us to make a brand new one just for you. We’d love to hear from you and make your dreamy birth announcement come true!


We make finding the perfect birth gift as simple as possible! Quirky decoration, playful and fun accessories, bath capes, gift sets,… Delivered in 3 days where you want, with a lovely packaging and a love note from you!

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